The talented kids of R&B band Dragonfruit released an awesome vinyl, and guess who had the honour of designing the artwork? Yours truly, baby.
This is what Dragonfruit has to say about "Gears Of The Giant Machine":
Ever stopped to wonder how large and incomprehensible life actually is? Our brain hurts just thinking about it, but there’s no need to. Whatever is above or beyond us: it’s irrelevant. Life as we know it, is here and now. So take a little break, step into your personal spaceship and fly off into the Dragonverse. Soothe that marvelling brain of yours… and let the clicking of the gears transport you to another world. A land filled with organic synthesizers, deep bass lines, moving drums and lofi textures, topped off with warm vocals and soaring strings, Dragonfruit takes you on a genre blending trip through their music. The first glimpse of their unique sound has been captured on their debut album “Gears Of The Giant Machine”.
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