Sometimes people think I’m some sort of witchy bat, because I feel drawn to obscure and dark underground things.
Which is why I designed a poster for Art Mission Festival.
Art Mission is focused on relatively unknown but creative talents in the metal, doom, rock, folk and goth music scenes. As you can image, this ain’t no place for mainstream flashy music lovers, but rather a venue for people who are open to discovering new, alternative artists they probably haven’t heard of before.
To me, Art Mission is about revealing the mysterious, and celebrating creativity and art. These values happen to be symbolically attributed to apples in several cultures, especially in Celtic culture, which is why I incorporated apples in the design.
Note: this project is spec work. Take a close look at the festival name and those artists featured on the poster. Notice something about them when compared to the letters of my own name (Astrid Martirossian)?