Follow this cute little creature in his journey through all kinds of interesting spaces. Inspired by psychedelic visuals and crude 80's animation. 
We had a ton of fun experimenting with materials and making nasty stuff. This project is a mix of stop motion animation, 3D animation, photography, 2D animation, cutout, and maybe something else I failed to mention. 
No eggs, bubblegum, stockings, fruit leather, cotton balls, felt, wool, clay, sugar, chocolate, borax salt, pipe cleaners, shampoo, glass, crystals, glitter dough and people were harmed during the making of this music video clip.

Astrid Martirossian -  co-director, character animation, post-production
Nora Höppener - co-director, background design, stop-motion animation 
Aylin Buyruk - art director, background design, character design

Client: Villeneuf
Sticky, gross bubblegum was the base for the weird tongue animations
Clay models for sea objects
Working with felt, a rare example of a non-disgusting material
Stockings stuffed with pillow filling
We cooked up some more gross stuff, all in the name of art
Walking on fortified eggshells
Apparently, chewing gum and clay form a chemical reaction that looks... really nasty
Creepy teeth made of bubblegum
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