Astrid Martirossian

Animations and illustrations for the artistic-minded.

Dragonfruit - Wasted | Cover art
Cover art for a song that deals with moving on after a bad relationship.
Wilde Bijen Parade | Book illustration
One of 40 illustrated spreads for a children's book about wild bees.
Dragonfruit - U. | Cover art
Cover art inspired by nostalgia and other realms.
Dragonfruit - U. | Music video clip
A story about isolation, obsession and the elusive line between real and virtual - packed in a music video clip.
Radiostain - An Unknown Sign | Cover art
Cover art for an EP about messages from the universe.
Carmen Forbes - Time Has Treated You Well | Cover art
Cover art for a single about coping with losing a loved one.
Sziget Warm-Up Party 2019 | Festival animation
An animated Wheel Of Fortune at Sziget 2019 decides the playlist for this party!
Dragonfruit - Some Say | Cover art
Cover art for a single about dealing with gossiping.
Dragonfruit - Gears of the Giant Machine | Cover art
Cover art for a song that questions our place in the universe and its workings.
Fragmenta | Personal work
An isometric dream city.
Sprookjessok | Personal work
An illustration inspired by the colours of my socks.
Art Mission Festival 2018 | Poster
Festival poster for some obscure event - don't worry, they don't mind that word.
Queen Of Spades | Personal work
Queen of Spades visualised in my own way.
Lounes | Birth card design
A birth announcement card design I made for little Lounes.
Bokkenrijder | Personal work
Illustration piece inspired by the Dutch legend of the Bokkenrijders.
Mr Maria Remote | Product animation
Product animation for the new Mr Maria Remote.
Japanstudies Explained | Educational animation
Animations that are part of a campaign for Japan Studies by Universiteit Leiden.
Zwaluwzang | Story illustrations
Illustrations for childhood stories that deal with integration in The Netherlands.
KLIK! | Logo animation
Animated logo for KLIK! for Comedy Central commercial.
Lumisade | Personal work
Illustration inspired by winter landscapes in Finland.
Weapon Of Choice | Personal work
Happy 76th Birthday to Christopher Walken, certified badass. Dance along!
Dinner | Animated short film
Animated short film about an owl, a vampire and a sausage getting served dinner in... appropriate ways.
Since The Start | Music video clip
A groovy, 80's inspired music video clip for the talented Dutch music artist Villeneuf.
Requiem | Personal work
A comic about peaceful death.